part-time job ielts task 2 essay

IELTS Task 2 Essay



Ques: Many children are encouraged by their parents to get a part-time job in their free time. What are the advantages and disadvantages to children of doing so?

Sample Essay: A few families often encourage youngsters to organise part-time work during their leisure time. This essay will further analyse a few advantages that youngsters can advance in terms of cash and economy by working and a few downsides to being viewed concerning tutoring and kids’ relaxation time in the subsequent paragraphs.

To begin with, one of the disadvantages to consider is that kids can lose centre from school when they start working too soon. Most young people are not ready to study and work simultaneously, which implies they can have their exhibition impairment. Furthermore, they can likewise lose an extraordinary piece of their life as a youngster. It is constantly required for any individual to rest, particularly during the early years when they create themselves, which implies that working and learning simultaneously can lead them to end up being wiped out. One model that can be utilised is how kids will have fewer hours resting, which triggers disorders in them as they should handle an elevated degree of stress.

On the other hand, in the public eye, all open positions don’t end positively. Notably, grown-ups with awful ways of behaving can cause serious harm to the youngsters who work with them. These tend to be different behaviours like mobbing or provocation. People who need to profit from kids’ freshness in business life and who are not appropriate for public activity can cause severe mental injuries in youngsters. That is why guardians ought to be careful and generally regulate their youngsters when working part-time.

To sum up, temporary jobs can be great for youngsters in picking their professions and can be far superior when guardians supervise their kids when working. This activity can keep youngsters away from bullying and is helpful for teenagers.


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