driverless vehicles ielts task 2 essay




Ques: In the future, all cars, buses, and trucks will be driverless. The only people travelling inside these vehicles will be passengers. Do the advantages of driverless vehicles outweigh the disadvantages?

Sample essay: In the future, all vehicles will be driverless, with only travellers inside. I solidly accept that this plan has advantages that offset its disadvantages.

On one hand, the presentation of driverless vehicles will, without a doubt, supplant conventional human drivers in their positions. Presently, hundreds, on the off chance that not thousands, of individuals fill in as a business or public transportation drivers. When self-driving vehicles are utilised, these human drivers will become obsolete. Thus, they should concentrate on securing new positions to support their occupations. This prospect is especially unappealing to those in middle age. By the way, accomplished drivers, with numerous long periods of information about the design and activity of vehicles, could change to jobs as mechanics, gaining practical experience in upkeep administrations and auto-fixes.

On the other hand, the substitution of customary drivers offers more incessant excursions, particularly for long outings. Since driving will be under man-made consciousness control, it won’t depend on the actual requirements that influence human drivers. This sets out the freedom to work on how many excursions there are. For example, consider business drivers in Vietnam who frequently embrace North-South excursions to move items or staples. Such excursions require requesting conditions on drivers, including remaining alert for broadened periods, to limit trip span, and they should likewise keep up with great well-being. These assumptions are not generally practical, as human drivers are powerless to exhaustion and ailment. Conversely, driverless vehicles can transform these assumptions into the real world, bringing quicker and denser transportation. This implies that items will be conveyed to clients a whole lot earlier, carrying critical advantages to the proprietors.

In conclusion, whether they are private or business, all vehicles will probably be driverless later on. While this change might result in the relocation of customary drivers and employment cutbacks, I remain firm in my conviction that it will prompt smoother and more effective transportation frameworks.


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