ielts task 2 parents

IELTS Task 2 Essay

Ques: Some people believe that all mothers and fathers should be required to take a course that prepares them to be good parents. Do you agree or disagree?

Sample Essay: Some believe that partners who will eventually become guardians must attend a particular education that introduces the basics of being good parents. I unequivocally agree with this statement since numerous gatekeepers who are currently organised and on the right track will significantly impact their children.

To begin with, pre-parenting lessons will instruct couples with numerous lessons about the relationship between guardians and children as well as the requirements that ought to be satisfied by guardians. In addition, the course was not as it was noticed in attitude but in materiality. Firstly, the mindset will conversation a parcel approximately the enthusiastic needs of a child. For instance, a lesson on how to construct a tender child-rearing method will be provided so that their children will be more open about their suppositions and minds. Furthermore, regarding materiality, it’ll talk about the money needed to raise a child. This may cover a few perspectives, such as maternity costs, school expenses, and immunisation. There are so numerous things that must be known by unused guardians to plan their children to be well-developed as extraordinary humans.

Additionally, a good-to-go parent could also expand their kid’s personal and scholastic knowledge. As referenced previously, the mindset will influence a ton to the youngsters’ state. For instance, youngsters who have never experienced savagery won’t ever menace their companions, they additionally will go ahead and share their perspectives in class because their folks regard their qualities. As far as materiality, youngsters who are solid due to the resistances in general and nutrient backing will, in all probability, have a higher scholastic outcome. Moreover, youngsters who are working with to join classes outside school like dance, music, craftsmanship, and coding will develop to their fullest potential personally. As an effect, they have a harmony between their level of intelligence and IQ.

In conclusion, beginning from selecting a parent planning class could affect such a huge amount of their youngster’s development. The outcome isn’t just on the ability to profoundly understand anyone but also on scholastic accomplishment. This implies that it very well may be a wise speculation for a couple for their youngsters’ prosperity.


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