ielts task 2 essay leaving home

IELTS Task 2 Essay

Ques: In many countries around the world, young people decide to leave their parents’ homes once they finish school they start living on their own or sharing a house with friends. Is this a positive or negative development?

Sample Essay: The carrying way of life of the present age has been modified because of the ascent of rivalry in additional training after completing school as they start consuming their time on earth own or remaining with their age bunches, abandoning their folks. I accept partition advances autonomy, confidence, and self-improvement, and I will examine this in the forthcoming sections.

First, residing away from family trains individuals how to carry on with their own lives. The young should figure out how to oversee everything, such as monetary costs, bills, expenses, basic food item spending plans, etc., which would be valuable for their fruitful future. For instance, a global review has shown that 80% of understudies move for higher concentration in various nations, and they are splendid in administration as opposed to other people who are living with their folks with no responsibility. Consequently, they are at a higher gamble of disappointment in their profession than those knowledgeable about administration in their mid-twenties.

Furthermore, guardians who concur with their youngsters to move themselves elsewhere are the individuals who need their kids’ self-awareness as though they autonomously associate with others without their parent’s help to climb to a higher level in their work profession. For example, collaborating with an ever-increasing number of outside individuals who are effective in their lives helps kids to follow their way and socially become sharp-disapproved and interface with the cutting-edge world. Accordingly, they are satisfied by joining splendid individuals.

To conclude, residing beyond home hones young people’s brains and gives them more confidence in communicating with esteemed individuals who guide them on the most proficient method to find lasting success and be mindful of forthcoming innovations.


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