ielts task 2 prison sentence

IELTS Task 2 Essay

Ques: Some people believe that longer prison sentences are the best way to decrease crime, while others believe that there are alternative ways to decrease crime. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample Essay: Wrongdoing may be a major issue in numerous nations around the world. Although some argue that longer jail sentences are the foremost successful way to diminish offences, others oppose this idea. This essay will examine both sides of this contention in detail and give reasons why elective strategies might be utilised to unravel this issue.

On the one hand, it is considered by numerous that long discipline is the ideal approach to diminish wrongdoing rates since it clearly outlines that misconduct is off-base. For occasion, investigations have expressly appeared that extreme punishments, such as longer imprisonment sentences, can prevent people from mulling over wrongdoing, resulting in a lower probability of offences and, thus, fewer delinquents. As a result, guilty parties are not as were off the boulevards but too avoided from re-offending. Without a doubt, the harsher the discipline, the more secure the society.

On the other hand, a few contend that there are superior options to diminish infringement, especially through administrative activities. Firstly, the government ought to play an essential part in tending to the destitution issue because it could be a major cause of criminals due to destitute well-being. If the government increases social benefits and provides adequate instructive support, the number of hoodlums might be reduced. An encouraging arrangement could be a preparation program in jail, which can upgrade criminals’ modern abilities and business openings after discharge, leading to a lower potential for reoffending.

Finally, although longer prison terms can discourage individuals from committing wrongdoing, they aren’t successful in the long run. There are a few who still endure outside components such as budgetary weight and the need for structure in their day-to-day lives. In order to decrease savagery successfully, I accept that the government ought to be included in reducing destitution and supporting principal needs.

In conclusion, whereas longer jail sentences can have an unmistakable effect, they are not reliably viable in lessening wrongdoing rates. Governments must take proactive steps to address the elemental causes of criminal behaviour, such as destitution and the need for instruction, to realise long-lasting consequences.


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