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IELTS Task 2 Essay

Ques: The popularity of news media often has a significant influence on people’s lives. Some people believe this to be a negative development. Do you agree or disagree?

Sample Essay: There’s a conviction that social media negatively influences human lives. In showing disdain toward the reality that this ponder has several drawbacks, the benefits cannot be neglected.

On the one hand, within the innovation period, news media can negatively impact individuals, particularly young people, who are exposed to news media each day. Firstly, it can severely harm the mental well-being of individuals. On occasion, youngsters spend a lot of time utilising social media, particularly at night. Hence, it leads to less time to rest, which makes clients effortlessly feel tired and bored. Another point is that those who spend a long time using this stage don’t have great social aptitudes. The clients can be dependent, so they may separate themselves from the genuine world.

On the other hand, there are numerous great sides to utilising social media. Chief among these is that the news stage can offer assistance to clients in keeping in touch with their companions in any case of separation. For case, for those who ponder overseas, social media could be an awesome way for them to discuss with their companion and family. In addition, with the noteworthy improvement of media transmission innovation, clients can have video calls and live streams on social stages. Individuals have a money-related advantage when they utilise unused stages such as TikTok and YouTube. These stages permit individuals to post their recordings online, and if they pull in numerous watchers, the stage proprietor will pay cash for the clients.

In conclusion, although social media has numerous drawbacks for clients in terms of their well-being and life abilities, it can also bring noteworthy points of interest.


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