ielts task 2 essay university

IELTS Task 2 Essay

Ques: Poor people and those living in rural areas struggle to access university education. The university should make it easy for persons from this background. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Essay: Tertiary schooling isn’t effectively open to ruined people and those living in nearby networks; thus, from certain perspectives, universities ought to make it less challenging for people from this social class. I agree that colleges should simplify advanced education for unfortunate understudies and those in rural regions since it advances correspondence and benefits society.

To start, a chief justification for why colleges should guarantee understudies from low monetary foundations and non-metropolitan regions have simple admittance to them is that it improves balance. Overall, understudies with low funds are offered similar chances as their partners from rich families and metropolitan regions, which will thus forestall separation. To illustrate, people with low financial status and from rustic regions had the option to go to a similar college as those from rich families in my state because the College granted and gave grants plans to the poverty-stricken understudies.

Another justification for why colleges ought to make it simple for these understudies being referred to is that it benefits society. This is attributed to the fact that if more understudies, regardless of their monetary status or spot of home, can get to advanced education, this will thus increase the number of people taught in the general public and further develop the country’s work power. For example, whenever poor understudies are offered the chance to go to college, they work on their lives as well as update their families when they become beneficially utilised, hence diminishing the neediness level in the general public.

To conclude, I accept that colleges ought to profit people from penniless homes and neighbourhoods’ potential chance to get to them effectively because it advances balance and benefits the general public.


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