teenagers' choice of subjects ielts task 2 essay

IELTS Task 2 Essay



Ques: Some people think teenagers should concentrate on all subjects at school. Others believe that teenagers should focus on the topic they are best at or most interested in. To what extent do you agree?

Sample Essay: Various people advocate for youngsters to concentrate on each matter at school, including those they are not especially intrigued by. Simultaneously, numerous residents argue that youngsters should focus on the area of study they succeed at. This essay will discuss both perspectives and offer my viewpoint in the upcoming paragraphs.

From one perspective, there are a few justifications for why youth should invest energy in various subjects offered by the educational system. One explanation is that understudies can be presented with fundamental information from different spaces, making a solid starting point for them in adulthood. Another legitimisation is that numerous youngsters are still fostering their personalities, so they need additional time and chances to encounter various subjects before concluding, regardless of whether they are energetic around one subject.

Then again, there is critical clarification for young people to focus intently on a solitary field where their gifts lie. Youngsters who, first and foremost, have gifts in a single region will gain ground quicker and more likely to dominate it if they utilise the greater part of their opportunity to sustain their ability. Furthermore, permitting understudies to follow their thoughts early will support their certainty and assist them with being more mindful of their assets and use them for future development.

To conclude, I accept that regardless of the advantage of zeroing in on one most loved region, learning a different number of subjects can unquestionably assist understudies with opening up additional conceivable outcomes in their lives.


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