work stress ielts task 2 essay

IELTS Task 2 Essay



Ques: Nowadays, people normally stretch their working hours and get more stressed than before. What are the reasons for this? What can employers do to make people’s lives easier?

Sample Essay: Individuals will generally be increasingly pressured about how much work they need. This essay will further examine the fundamental issues related to this activity and exaggerate potential reasons for staying away from it in the upcoming paragraphs.

On the one hand, having less time to relax and a constant sense of overwhelm are the primary issues that arise when working longer hours. First and foremost, when people spend more hours at work, they invest less energy with their family, which is a pressure factor. Realising they can’t enjoy enough minutes with their friends and family can drive them mad. A father, for instance, may be highly disappointed that he could not attend his son’s audition because he had to perform more.

Fixing a higher limit on the number of hours a worker can work daily is one solution employers could implement. If they fix an excellent second, any individual can remain in the workplace, labourers will be less worried, less discouraged, and will work all the more effectively. Besides, assuming they know the specific number of minutes they need to battle, they will make the most out of them and be more useful multiple times. Likewise, assuming a kid realises that he needs to remain at the work area and execute for 240 minutes in a row, he will be more focused.

To sum up, extending the functioning hours makes individuals more pushed, and a decent arrangement businesses can apply is fixing as far as possible for working time.


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